Testimonials and projects

Beta Reading/Structural Feedback

Excellent Editing!  Lin is a pleasure to work with, highly competent and very timely. She helped me edit my lengthy first time novel with spelling and grammatical pointers.  What sets her apart from other editors is that she also gives insightful suggestions to those looking for help in plot, character development.  Will gladly refer her to anyone interested in editing and proofreading services.


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking your time to read through my piece and give me thorough feedback. I reviewed all of it and you were right on point. You helped me notice little details or grammar/punctuation errors I overlooked. I’m thankful my first beta read ever went so smoothly. Now I know what needs to be done. Thank you again!


I just finished the rewrite of the book because of your comments and have to say thank you very much. Your comments were exactly the kind I needed. They were not too harsh, but also not too nice, you really read the content and tried to see where I was going and when I didn’t go there you helped me to. I can never thank you enough for reading the manuscript and helping me see the flaws and good points of it.


Wow, I’m so pleased with your beta work!!! You’ve made some fair comments and opened my eyes to what I failed to see. Especially regarding the structure and plot. You’ve pointed out the things that perhaps any other reader would have struggled to understand and your observations give me the chance to clarify and rectify them.


Lin has just beta read my Novel. After having an editor and proofreader go over it I found there was still a problem through the reviews for the book; try as I might I just couldn’t see what I was missing, where I had gone wrong. Lin’s feedback was amazing; her comments and suggestions were spot on, from some major points to the little things that I can’t believe I missed. I would highly recommend Lin’s services.

DM Wolfenden

I’m so glad I found Lin! Her beta-reading service is invaluable – not just an overall report, but detailed comments on the text. She identified both the weak points which needed work, and the strong points (which is a great tonic for the writer!). Both in terms of structural issues and points of detail, her advice is spot-on. Very, very highly recommended.

Fiona Cameron

This is again to say ‘thank you’ for an exceptional job you’ve done when beta reading my novel. If I haven’t said so before, I was really astonished with a great attention level of your service. In places, your comments read as if it was developmental editing. And developmental editing at this price is something unheard of!



I can heartily recommend Lin’s formatting skills. I had reached the point of tearing my hair out when aspects of my poetry anthology; “Life, Love and Laughter”, were definitely not going according to plan. A message to Lin resulted in her having a look at my manuscript and getting the formatting done in no time. Grateful thanks, Lin. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

Barbara Neill

I’m aware of how important it is to get the formatting right for e-books, and Lin ensured that my book looked good right from the start – I’d have been driven crazy by the process of trying to do this myself, and wouldn’t have ended up with anything so professional-looking. I’d highly recommend her formatting skills – and her patience with my rather esoteric requirements, and my tendency to want to change the odd word at the 11th hour!

Fiona Cameron

Lin White, at Coinlea.co.uk, provided a prompt, accurate and friendly service at a very reasonable price. Undoubtedly the best go to person for formatting and proof reading. Very thorough, very precise, very friendly. Highly recommended!

Ian Billings

Coinlea did all the formatting of both my ebook and paperback, including indexing. I’m delighted with Lin’s attention to detail and ideas as to presentation and my new book looks wonderful. I see this partnership as the beginning of a wonderful journey for us both. Thank you again Lin!

Lorraine Turnbull

Beta reading, editing and formatting

I was really lucky to have found Lin. Not only is she an excellent beta reader, but also an astute developmental and copy editor. I began my relationship with Lin via a beta read. She helped me to refine and reorganize my manuscript in ways I could never have done on my own. After I had made my revisions, I contracted Lin to copy edit and later proof my final version. When that process was completed, Lin helped me to format the final document into a print-ready template. In one person, I found all I needed to bring my finished manuscript to completion and prepare it for publication. Lin works fast and is extremely exact and meticulous in her editing. She catches all those little things that might have gone unnoticed to a less trained eye. My finished manuscript, in its print-ready template, looks as professional as any coming from a mainstream publishing house. If you are looking for someone to help you whip your manuscript into shape, look no further. Lin is a competent, responsible, trustworthy, and reasonably-priced editor/designer. You will not be disappointed with her service.


 Beta reading and editing

Lin went above and beyond to help me whip my manuscript into shape. Errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the dreaded semi-colon, all fell to her trusty red pen (er, track changes and comments). She spotted inconsistencies in tense (which continually plague me), and pointed out areas in the prose where my pretty language (purple prose) got in the way of clearly communicating my meaning. A first-rate editor by anyone’s standard. When I am a million selling author, it’ll be all her fault! I can’t thank her enough!
CH Jones

Beta read, proofreading and formatting

Lin was a marvellous help in preparing my first ever book for publication. She gave me a detailed and thorough beta read, then carried out a painstaking proofread with impeccable attention to detail, and finally set up the formatting ready for me to add the final tweaks before publication. At every stage, she explained and demystified the process so that, even as a total beginner, I understood everything. I have already booked her for my next novel, and highly recommend her services.

Pauline M. Ross

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