Design and formatting

Formatting for Print

  • Design for print, using industry-standard software
  • PDF supplied ready to pass to your printer
  • Manuscripts
  • Advertising material
  • Business documents

Please ask for a price. Straightforward manuscript for print starts from £90.

I am happy to discuss fonts and design with you, and provide samples for you to choose from. I offer a discount service to ALLi authors, and I may be able to offer a reduced price to groups seeking to produce a book to raise money for a charity, or as a small, limited-interest project.

See my article on book formatting for more details of this service.

Formatting for eBook

  • Ebook creation service, for ePub (iBooks/Nook) or mobi (Kindle) formats.

Please note that ebook readers do not generally support use of a specific font or size, and the options for displaying text differently within the book (excerpts, quotations, letters etc) are limited.

Cost for ebook creation starts at £50.00 for one format or £60.00 for both. Documents containing multiple images may incur extra cost. Again, I offer discounts to ALLi authors.


Proofreading is a final chance to catch any errors, whether they are spelling errors, punctuation problems or grammar issues. It does not involve editing the work, but will ensure that it is as clean a copy as possible. While I check any formatting for layout issues, a proofread also provides a further chance to ensure there are no font or layout issues or any problems with the headers or footers.

Why not ask for a proofread with your formatting? £6 per 1000 words.

Formatting usually takes one working week.

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