Terms and Conditions


I will provide a quotation in good faith based on the information given. I am happy to provide a small sample edit.


If upon starting work on a project it becomes clear that the sample was not representative of the work as a whole, then I will contact you to discuss this before incurring further costs.


I reserve the right to refuse work if I do not feel comfortable with its content.


I prefer not to work with scenes including erotica or violence.


Scope of project

I will agree with you at the commencement of a project what my scope is, and ensure that you are happy with that. Any extra work done outside the agreed scope may be charged extra. I will endeavour to always agree this with you in advance.



When asked to take on a piece of work, I will consider my current workload and give an expected finish date. You are recommended to book my time in advance, as I can then arrange my schedule to give the project suitable attention.


If your work is urgent, I will endeavour to meet a tight deadline, but this may be subject to a rush charge.


If work comes in later than booked, it might not be possible to complete it by the agreed deadline. If you discover that you are unable to get work to me when agreed, then please let me know as soon as possible so that I can rearrange my schedule. I will then agree a new deadline with you.


If it becomes clear that a project is more involved than originally agreed, I will let you know as soon as possible and agree a new deadline.


Beta reads can be very variable in the length of time they take. I will always endeavour to let you know a rough starting date, and when I start work on the file. I will then contact you with a report as soon as I have finished the read.

 Invoicing and payment

For a beta read, I expect payment within 14 days of the report being submitted.


For straightforward projects (one pass) I expect half the payment before starting the work and the other half within 14 days of completion.


For more involved projects (two or more passes), I will agree a payment schedule with you, which is usually three payments, made on commencement, between passes and within 14 days of completion.


I accept payment via paypal or bank transfer.

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