Who am I to judge?

So I’m offering my services as copyeditor/proofreader – who am I to think that people would pay for my service? What do I know about writing anyway? It’s not as though I’m a top-selling author, right?


Well no, I’m not, but I have a very good grasp of the correct use of spelling, grammar and punctuation (what’s known in the new GCSE qualifications as SPaG!) and I’ve spent years working as a proofreader spotting mistakes in text before it’s published. I know how distracting it can be when a reader comes across something in a published document that’s incorrect, and I know how to fix it. As a writer it’s easy to know what your writing is supposed to say, and very hard to spot when actually it says something slightly different. I offer a fresh pair of eyes to check for mistakes. What’s more, I can check for more subtle errors, for example a character’s eyes changing colour, or a name spelt a different way in different places.


What about content? Well, as far as fiction goes I’m an avid reader who knows what works and what doesn’t. I can highlight plot holes, inconsistencies and confusing passages. On top of that, I’ve also studied creative writing and know about issues such as point of view, setting and characterisation and I’ve taught English for several years, so I’m used to giving constructive feedback on writing. My long association with fanfiction, as both a reader and a writer, has shown me what works and what doesn’t, and I’m eager to support writers on their journey to hone their craft.


With the advent of e-publishing, writers no longer have to make it past a publisher’s critical eye in order to see their work in print. In many ways this is liberating, but it’s also more perilous as it’s far too easy to hit publish before your work is really polished. If you take your writing seriously, you owe it to yourself to do the best you can with it, and that can include paying to have it checked properly, whether purely for proofreading (a final pass before publication) or copyediting (more detailed checking).


I also have a strong background in education and computer science, and can work with documents related to these as well. I can check that your work flows well, your explanations are clear and to a certain extent I can offer a fact checking service.


I’m looking forward to doing my bit towards ensuring documents that are published have been checked as thoroughly as possible, and are presented in a professional way.


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