These are just a few of the projects I have been involved in. For some, this has been by way of beta reading. For others, I have been more deeply involved, offering editing, proofreading, typesetting or a combination of services.


Congratulations to Pauline M. Ross with her fantasy novels The Plains of Kallanash. The Fire MagesThe Mages of Bennamore, The Dragon’s Egg, The Fire Mages’ Daughter. The novels are all set within the same world but may be read independently. Second God will be published soon.


Congratulations to Killion Slade, with the novel Exsanguinatea tale of vampires and werewolves and a computer game that’s more than it seems.


Congratulations to Java Davis, with Commune, a fascinating tale of an apple commune in Michigan and the assorted characters who end up there.


Congratulations to Susan Nadathur with Dante’s Kiss, the tale of a teen angel.


Congratulations to D.M. Wolfenden with her vampire story Behind Blue Eyes.


Congratulations to Barbara Neill with Life, Love and Laughter, a poetry anthology.


Congratulations to Yvette M Calleiro with her series Chronicles of the Daisodz: The One Discovered, The One Enlightened and The One Betrayed.


Congratulations to E. McLean on the first two books of the YA trilogy Robyn’s Cage: book 1 Beyond the Pale and book 2 Pauper’s Weatherglass. Looking forward to book 3.


Congratulations to Gail Butcher on her book Butch: The Wings of Football, the biography of her son.


Congratulations to Fiona Cameron on her latest books By Heart and A Sensible Woman which join her previous three books on the shelves. Her next book will be out soon.


Congratulations to Ian Billings, with his children’s books, Lost PropertySnot Monster, Billy Plonka and the Grot Laboratory  and Revolting Little Characters (coming soon).


Congratulations to Tomasz Chrusciel on his thriller Fast Track to Glory.


Other projects include maths-based projects, historical projects, self-help projects and computing-based projects.

If I’ve worked on your project, please do let me know when it’s published.