GCSE Computing


BYOB is a more grown up version of Scratch, with the facility to Build Your Own Blocks – essentially writing functions that you can then call. See my blog post on the topic.

byob functions – a guide to creating blocks to draw simple shapes, either with or without a size parameter.

Python (all programs for 2.7 unless otherwise stated)

While copying is officially frowned upon, sometimes copying out code and debugging it is the best way to learn.

encoder program – encodes or decodes text using a simple cypher. Two versions given, one with a single run and one using a while loop to keep going.

Illustrates use of raw_input(), if/elif, for, ord(), char(), while.

encoder program flowchart – showing the structure of the program and listing the variables used.

using for – a worksheet illustrating various different ways of using for in Python.


networks – a flash animation I made to show the relationship between internet, intranet and extranet.